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Games we’d like to see as MMO’s

With The Elder Scrolls Online almost upon us, we at GameKeysNow thought we would take a look at other game series that we’d like to see turned into massively multiplayer online games.

Burnout Paradise 2

Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise’s online was so good we want more. Racing around the open world with you mates was a blast, so the opportunity to do it with more than eight people would be incredible. The best thing about Burnout Paradise was that it wasn’t just about racing. The multiplayer challenges were so varied and interesting it made online sessions feel like a real social gathering, which is what MMO’s are all about.



Apart from The Elder Scrolls games, the modern Fallout titles are probably the closest things to single player MMO’s out there. Fallout 3 & New Vegas both feature wide open worlds begging to be explored and teeming with characters and quests to be discovered. There was actually a Fallout MMO in production for a while, until it was cancelled a few years ago. Hopefully it will be resurrected at some point. While it might shatter the atmospheric isolation if there’s hundreds of wanderers roaming around the wastelands, it certainly would make for a fantastic MMO.


Mass Effect

This one is pretty much a given surely? A whole galaxy chock full of alien species complete with their own factions and characteristics make it absolutely perfect for the MMO treatment. The Mass Effect lore is already substantial enough too, with a trilogy of games and numerous spin-off books. With a potential entire universe to explore, Mass Effect could be the Sci-Fi MMO that Bioware wanted SWTOR to be.



Gamers have been clamouring for the return of the Half-Life series for a while now so why not do it via an MMO? The world of Half-Life is largel unknown so it would give Valve the opportunity to create anything they wanted around the struggles between the Resistance and the Overwatch. There’s also the potential for Black Mesa and Aperture Science to make appearances – just think of the portal puzzles with a whole server full of people!



Another potential MMO that was cancelled mid development. With titles such as Planetside 2 and Tribes: Ascend showing that MMO FPS games can be successful, now is the perfect time to unleash a Halo MMO. With its rich world and massive landscapes the Halo universe is already set up for truly epic MMO style battles.



Can you ever make an MMO wish list without featuring Pokemon? Competitive play (or the meta-game as Pokemanicas refer to it) is already so popular that when a new one is released, dedicated fans spend months scrutinising the new Pokedex for potential recruits to enter the annual real life Pokemon tournaments. You can already trade, fight and swap profiles together, so it wouldn’t be a huge leap for players to exist in the same game world also.


Dark Souls

While it’s hard to imagine just how a Dark Souls MMO could work, you can’t argue the potential isn’t there. Being able to group as you traverse the unforgiving world could be something to get excited about. However the ability to be griefed by invaders could make this a far more brutal experience than ever.



Borderlands is pretty much an MMO already, albeit one limited to four players. With it’s procedural loot system and vast open world, not much really has to change either. Just throw in a few hundred players per server and let the crazy carnage unfold.

What game do you think would make the best MMO? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook or via Twitter

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